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    About Asbestos

    Asbestos Inspections, Risk Assessments and Management Plans

    Do you need an asbestos inspection, or assistance in managing the risk of exposure to asbestos in your workplace? Perhaps your employees are working in an environment where asbestos could pose a risk, or you may be looking to buy or renovate an older home. Safe Environments provides NATA-accredited asbestos services across Australia, armed with the latest technology and information. Your Safe Environments consultant can test samples of building materials, survey commercial and residential sites, provide risk assessments and assist in the development of asbestos management plans as required, including emergency procedures. In addition, we can conduct air monitoring and clearance inspections when remediation takes place to reassure employees that it is safe to re-occupy the premises. Our full range of asbestos services can be found here.

    Does Your Organisation Comply with Asbestos Requirements?

    Understanding the risks and knowing what to do in case of asbestos discovery or exposure can make all the difference to the health and safety of your staff and the general public. We are here to assist with the identification and management of asbestos, working with you to put strategies in place to control risk and minimise the potential for harm to health. Contact the team at Safe Environments now to arrange for an inspection and risk assessment, and to begin developing your asbestos management plan with an experienced advisor to ensure compliance with WHS regulations. If you have questions, you can read answers to our asbestos FAQs below or ask our team at any time.

    Our team includes Licensed Asbestos Assessors (LAA) in regards to friable asbestos and our Principal Consultant is a Full Member of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (MAIOH).

    Asbestos Testing FAQS

    • How do I get materials tested for suspected asbestos?

      If you suspect the presence of asbestos, we can arrange for a consultant to come onsite to take a sample for testing or we can test a sample that you collect and send to our Sydney laboratory for testing. If you choose to collect a sample yourself, please refer to our self-sampling instructions.

    • How is asbestos identified?

      The presence of asbestos cannot be confirmed by the naked eye; it must be analysed under a microscope by a NATA accredited laboratory. One of our approved fibre identifiers will be able to identify which materials contain asbestos fibres by examining a sample in our laboratory. Read more

    • Do you conduct asbestos removal?

      No, we do not provide asbestos removal; however we can be involved in specific aspects of the asbestos removal with the appointed asbestos removalist. These services include:
      • Reviewing contractors’ Asbestos Removal Control Plans (ARCP)
      • Developing Air Monitoring Plans
      • Enclosure integrity assessments for friable work
      • Third part audits of removal works
      • Asbestos air monitoring during removal
      • Asbestos clearance inspections

      For commercial asbestos removal, the person who engages the removalist has specific responsibilities to ensure the safety of employees and the public prior to, during and after the removal process.

      Safe Environments is an independent third party Type A Inspection Body that provides impartial advice to reduce your risk when engaging the services of asbestos removalists.

    • Do you provide testing for commercial and residential properties?

      Yes, Safe Environments provides asbestos testing for all property types. Please contact our team and we’d be happy to provide a quote based on the specific requirements of your site.

    • When should air monitoring and/or a visual clearance for asbestos take place?

      Asbestos air monitoring is required for all friable asbestos removal work and for certification after removal. Air monitoring may also be conducted during removal of non-friable (bonded) asbestos as reassurance that there hasn’t been any significant fibre release.

      A visual clearance inspection is conducted for all asbestos removal works and is required by law to ensure that the asbestos removal area is safe to re-occupy.

      If you have had asbestos removed and you do not have a Clearance Certificate, then contact us today to arrange for an inspection that the area is safe to re-occupy.

    • How much does asbestos testing cost?

      We aim to provide the highest level of service and experience with competitive pricing. To arrange a quote for your individual needs, please contact our team.

    • How long will asbestos testing take?

      The time required for asbestos testing varies depending on the specifics of each project size and type. Safe Environments works efficiently and can provide same day service for testing of fibre cement sheeting. Please contact the team at Safe Environments for further information on sampling requirements.