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    Slip Testing

    About Slip Testing

    NATA-Accredited Floor Slip Resistance Testing

    Slips, trips and falls factor for a large percentage of injuries in workplaces and public environments, however the risk of incidents can be minimised with the correct measures in place. Floor slip testing verifies product performance and helps to identify and manage wear and tear, contamination and cleaning residues. Safe Environments conducts slip resistance testing, public liability risk assessments and slip accident investigations, and provides expert witness evidence in slip and fall incidents. We are accredited with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and specialise in a number of tests including:

    •    Wet pendulum
    •    Dry Tortus
    •    Wet barefoot inclining platform
    •    Oil wet inclining platform (R rating test)

    Onsite and Laboratory Slip Testing, Nationwide

    Safe Environments provides both onsite and laboratory testing in order to meet our partners’ complete slip testing requirements across the country. You can deliver product samples for testingdirectly to us, or have our experienced consultants bring testing equipment to your premises throughout rural, regional and metropolitan Australia. We carry out testing at diverse locations including:

    •    Commercial buildings
    •    Shopping centres
    •    Swimming pools and recreation centres
    •    Workshops and industrial sites

    Safe Environments offers an efficient and thorough service, delivering reports and certification with rapid turnarounds.

    Our team can also provide other testing, certification and advice including asbestos awareness and management, noise and audiometric testing and inspections for air pollutants, dust and chemicals in the workplace. Contact us now to arrange your consultation with an experienced Safe Environments consultant.

    Slip Testing FAQs

    • What are the Australian Standards for slip resistance?

      There are a number of national, state-based and even council-based slip resistance requirements in place to manage floor safety in residential, commercial and public spaces. These include requirements within the National Construction Codes, Disability Access Requirements, Workplace Health and Safety legislation,plus certain product standards such as ceramic tiling.

      There are a number of Australian Standards and Handbooks which provide best practice in specifying and maintaining the slip resistance of floor surfaces and performance requirements for a number of situations. For specific information you can read more or contact our team to talk with an experienced slip resistance testing consultant.

    • What slip resistance test do you conduct?

      We can conduct a range of slip resistance tests to ensure your surfaces meet requirements for WHS, consumer protection and disability access legislation.There are a number of test methods to determine the slip resistance of floor surfaces including the following:
      • Wet pendulum
      • Dry Tortus
      • Wet barefoot inclining platform
      • Oil wet inclining platform (R rating test)

      We have also developed accelerated wear testing which is now an industry standard to assess the propensity for a surface to reduce in slip resistance.
      For more information please read more .

    • How do I know which slip resistance test I need?

      Safe Environments can advise on what testing is required for your products and materials to ensure they meet the National Construction Codes and relevant Australian Standards.

      For an overview on assessing which is the most appropriate test, please refer here .

    • What is an R rating andwhat is a P rating? What’s the difference between the two?

      The different slip ratings refer to surface characteristics in distinct conditions, and do not directly correlate with one another. The R rating is provided when classifying a surface using the oil wet inclining platform test to AS 4586 Appendix D, and the P rating is provided when classifying a surface using the wet pendulum test method to AS 4586 Appendix A. The classifications are used in conjunction with Handbooks from Standards Australia to specify adequate slip resistance for a floor surface.

    • Do you conduct wet and dry testing onsite?

      Safe Environments provides both wet and dry slip resistance testing onsite, across Australian metropolitan, regional and rural locations. Read more

    • How much does slip testing cost?

      To arrange a quote for your organisation’s individual needs, please contact our team .

    • How long will slip testing take?

      The time required for slip resistance testing and assessment varies depending on the specifics of each project size, type and location. Safe Environments works efficiently and can provide same day service for simple wet and dry slip testing to AS 4586 Appendix A & B.

      Please contact the team at Safe Environments for further information on sampling requirements.