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Safe Environments prides itself on the quality of its tests and reports for all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our team of industry leading, accredited experts have experience across a range of industries to help provide cost-effective solutions to improve your workplace health and safety, and compliance.

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    Our consultants are experts in building materials, ergonomics, occupational hygiene and occupational health & safety.

    Our core services include:

    • Safe asbestos management, asbestos registers, inspections & surveys
    • Onsite slip resistance testing & assessments
    • Property safety risk inspections & workplace health and safety compliance programs
    • Noise and audiometric testing, assessments & exposure monitoring
    • Hazardous materials management
    • Quality assurance & compliance testing with industry Standards
    • Expert advice and commentary on current workplace safety issues

    Safe Environments is a leading provider of expert risk assessments, materials testing and advice across a range of occupational health and safety services.

    Our team of experts specialise in hazardous building materials, ergonomics, occupational hygiene and workplace health and safety. We pride ourselves in delivering innovative and pragmatic solutions to ensure our clients’ safety and compliance.

    Why choose us?

    • Team of industry leading experts
    • NATA accredited testing
    • Rapid turnaround of test results
    • Australia-wide testing available
    • Experience across a range of industries


    Latest News from our team

    • Workplace Audiometric Testing

      Workplace audiometric testing is required by the NSW Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 every two (2) years. AS 1269.4:2005 Occupational Noise Management Part 4 Audiometric Testing recommends audiometric testing on an annual basis. It is recommended that annual audiometric testing be undertaken particularly when there is potential exposure to ototoxic agents or hand arm vibration (HAV).

    • Welding Fume Exposure

      he health effects of welding fume can vary considerably. This is due to the health effects being dependant on the particular metal, fluxes and cleaning agents that may be present within the welding process. State Workplace Health and Safety Regulations require the airborne concentration of welding fume does not exceed the exposure standard for each constituent of the welding fume.

    • Whole Body Vibration Risk Assessments

      Mobile plant operators and transport workers in road, rail and air are at significant risk of whole body vibration. The potential health effects include primarily back pain and injury, however there is also reported health concerns relating to reproductive, digestive disorders.

    • Hydrogen Gas Explosion Risk from Battery Charging Rooms

      During battery charging, oxygen and hydrogen are released after a cell has achieved approximately 95 % of its charge, during boost charging or overcharging. The resultant risk is required to be assessed under Part 3.1 of the NSW Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 2011

    • Air Quality Testing for Compressed Air & Cylinders

      Breathing air quality testing to AS 1715:2009 Appendix A for workers using compressed air line or cylinder respirators provides reassurance that the air they are breathing is adequately safe in their harsh working environments.

    • Styrene Air Monitoring & Exposure Assessments

      Polystyrene is a commercial plastic made from styrene monomer. We discuss the health effetcs, air monitoring and potential exposures realting to airborne styrene.

    • Flour Dust Air Monitoring & Exposure Assessments

      Changes in lung function and increased risk of developing occupational asthma may result in excessive flour dust expousre. We dicuss the health effects, exposure stadnards and air monitoring standards to assess risks associated with flour dust.

    • Asbestos Pictures by AsbestosTesting.com.au

      Safe Environments have released its dedicated website to asbestos testing and consulting services which can be found at www.AsbestosTesting.com.au. One of the major features is the identificaiton of asbestos through a comprehensive picture gallery showing asbestos pictures. This can be viewed at here.

    • Occupational Noise Assessments NoiseTesting.info

      Safe Environments have released its dedicated website to noise testing and consulting services which can be found at www.NoiseTesting.info. The new website seeks to provide clear, transparent and objective information for employers, OHS professionals and workers alike to reduce potential health risks associated with noise exposure. For moreinformation on nosie measurement and assesssment please visit http://www.noisetesting.info/noise-assessment/.

    • Safe Environments achieve NATA accreditation for Slip Resistance Testing and Pendulum Calibrations

      Safe Environments recently achieved accreditation by NATA (accreditation No: 17139) with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. The scope of the NATA accreditation includes slip resistance testing to AS/NZS 4663 Slip resistance measurement of existing pedestrian surfaces, AS/NZS 4586 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials and BS 7976 Part 3 Pendulum Testers Method of calibration.