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    Asbestos Air Pumps

     Asbestos Monitors / Asbestos Pumps

    Features Robust unit designed for a long and active life. Casing of epoxy powder coated aluminium. Long battery life, self containing expandable sampling mast, digital runtime clock
    Flow Range 1-8 lts min
    Flow Control +/- 1.0%
    Battery Pack Twin NiMh
    Charge Time 7 hrs
    Run Time Up to 8 hrs, running at 2-4 L/min Or up to 4 hrs, running at 7 to 8 L/m through 0.8 micron filter
    Display Elapsed Run Time
    Weight 3.95kg
    Colour High visibility Yellow


    JD8 Asbestos monitors are designed to withstand the punishment of a long and active work life.  The asbestos pumps are manufactured from 2.5mm thick aluminium, cold formed and welded along all seams.  This results in the case for the asbestos monitors to be very rigid, non rusting and durable.  The asbestos pumps are finished in a tough epoxy power coating which is resistant to minor damage.

    Internally the asbestos pumps contain a high efficiency, Multi-diaphragm pump unit, with the capacity of up to 8.0 L/m.  The flow rate is maintained within +/- 3% of the set figure by an electronic control unit which is epoxy sealed to protect against moisture, heat and vibration.

    The flow rate of the asbestos monitors can be set electronically by means of an inset screw adjustment device for high flow rate tests and finetuned for low flow rates by an adjusted knob at the front of the asbestos pump unit.

    The use of new battery technology within the asbestos monitors has enabled the total weight of the pump to remain under 4kg

    Charging equipment and spare mast are provided with a set of 5 asbestos pumps.

    Asbestos Personal Monitors are also available.  Weighing 650g with a flow rate of 1L/m to 3L/m, these can be attached to one’s person to monitor the level of asbestos exposure in a given time.

    Safe Environments would also provide repairs and servicing of asbestos pumps as and when needed